Harmony is an open and fast blockchain. Our mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees.

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Harmony at ETH DenverHarmony at ETH Denver
2.02 sec
Transaction Finality
Average Cost Per Transaction
$1.09 Billion
Total Value Locked
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DeFi KingdomsTranquilViperMarsColony
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Harmony Is
Leading The Race
Blue hand holding a snowglobe-like object filled with colorful objects
Compute Model
Geth EVM 1.9.9
ZincVM (restricted ops)
Cairo (restricted ops)
OVM (recompile needed)
Geth EVM 1.10.1
Trust Model
Data on Harmony, On-chain slashing
Data on ETH PLONK setup
Data on 7-member committee, STARKS
Collusion-resistant, Single sequencer
Commit chain, 5-multisig upgrade
Finality on Ethereum
2 secs + 6 mins
10 mins + 6 mins
3 mins + 6 mins
1 week
34 mins / 3 hours
Bridging Fees
200k gas per tx w/ BLS checkpoints
Prover + 510k gas + 400 gas per tx
2m gas per 150 tx
21k gas per tx + nuisance gas
295k gas per tx
Economics Security
$700M staked w/ 154 open points
None for validity proofs
Single operator
Zero-cost attacks capital efficiency
$2.8b staked w/ 110 validators
Bridge Launch
Oct 2020
Jun 2020
Jun 2020
Jan 2021
Sep 2020
Sushi, Binance / Bitcoin Bridges
Curve, Argent, ZKSwap
Deversifi Immutable, dYdX
Synthetix, Uniswap
Aave, Sushi, Curve

Bridging Ecosystems

Harmony’s interoperability frees users from being locked on a single platform. The future of web3 is a multi-chain ecosystem, and Harmony’s bridges can connect any Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake chains.

Bridging Ecosystems

Open Community

Harmony is granting $300 Million to our open DAO Community.
Bring your passion, your dreams & your expertise. Form a DAO.


The Metaverse

The Metaverse unites culture with technology, providing a unique market-product fit to accelerate Web3 adoption.
DeFi Kingdoms, Web3's most played game, was born on Harmony’s open platform. This gamified blockchain project, melds the power of decentralized finance with the utilities of NFTs in a play-to-earn setting.

Zero Knowledge Proofs
2 second Finality

2 Second Finality

Fast 2-second finality allows for trustless, irrevertible transactions at low fees.

2 second Finality

Scalable, Secure & Decentralized

Harmony balances these three critical pillars with secure, random state sharding.  Security against single shard attacks is guaranteed by leveraging 250 nodes per shard and cryptographic randomness to re-shard regularly.

Zero-Knowledge Proofs

100x benefits & magical uses

From our zkDAO (Succinct, Private, Fair) on zero-knowledge proofs, cryptographic primitives, and privacy, we are focusing on ZK innovations that are the most likely to reach millions of users in coming years. We are interested in universal ZK constructs that are the building blocks for Web3. Harmony’s zkDAO and zkU courses have helped to bring the best research to production from our open community of developers.

Zero Knowledge Proofs

Our 2023 Vision

2023 Roadmap

LayerZero Bridge
Timeless Wallet
Collect Transaction Fees
Technical Comparisons
2023 Whitepaper
Sharding Fellows
Cross-Shard Transactions
Matching Shard 1 Traffic
Validator Resharding
Onchain Escrows
Cross-Chain Toolings
Social Curation Reputation
Creator-Fan Economy
Social Recovery Wallets
Seasonal Governance
‍Embedded Marketplaces
Zero Knowledge Bridges
Modular Data Availability
Harmony at ETH Denver
Blue to fly
Blue Metaverse
Create Wealth in Harmony
ONE's Future